Monday, October 25, 2010

I love that lavender blonde

I've been trying to work on a chick band,
but got side tracked by making starlets.
Have I mentioned how excited I am for Late Night?
Yeah? Oh.

Anyways I am in love with these sims.
They are all (except one) recycled sims that I'd been working on months ago,
but I got bored with them and sacked 'em.
But, nothing is lost that cannot be found again if sought.
Now they are totally aweome, and ready to be celeb-ified


Thank you Gaga, for the hair inspiration, and the title of todays post.





previously known as X

I like both ideas for Harlow, so she may have a rock star twin ;)

I plan on making some small changes:
Gwens mouth looks too low in game
Tinsley might look cool with darker skin and hair
Halrow + her twin or alter ego
 Posh celeb by day, total badass bassist by night!!
Arrrggg the 26th can not get here soon enough.
Might upload a few at the end of the week.


Shyne said...

They all look pretty damn awesome to me :) I love Harlow, she's so different looking.

Miss Lochness said...

I agree, I am in love with Harlow! Can't stop looking...

brit.the.twit said...

Thanks guys.
I'm quite smittened by Harlow too, I've started my Bridgeport legacy with her, and she keeps becoming a vamp and then getting cured. I can't make up my mind

Anonymous said...

I was sleeping with my honey absolutely naked, I have took my panties off just to make a statement.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks.